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If you’re a casino fan and reside in the Keystone state then you will no doubt have been ecstatic when, in 2017, Governor Tom Wolf, signed the gambling bill into law and made online casinos legal. This has led to a number of PA online casinos, some of the highest quality reputable players entering the market in Pennsylvania. We here at CasinoWatchPA are available to make sure you have all the information you need in order to select the best option around. As well as providing genuine, honest and useful brand reviews of all the trustworthy brands in your state, we bring you the key details you’ll need to make the best use of the welcome bonuses, general bonuses, free spins and promotions on offer.

We also provide you the benefit of our team of experts who can educate you on the various elements that make up the successful use of an online casino. This comes in the form of ‘how-to’ guides as well as blogs and latest news on the industry as a whole. Basically you can think of us as a one-stop-shop for all your online casino needs in the state of Pennsylvania.


To give you a quick version we have listed a few common question about casino sites & general knowledge about gambling in PA.

Do I have to be a Pennsylvania resident to play at an online casino?
No. You don’t need to be a resident of PA but you will need to be physically situated in the state. Every online casino has geo-tracking capabilities that can track where you are playing from and no VPN interaction is allowed.
How Do We Review the PA Online Casinos?
Our expert reviews are the culmination of a thorough research of each relevant brand. We open accounts and take the online casinos for a test-drive. Our writers run through a well-tested check-list so as to garner a strong understanding of what each online casino provider in Pennsylvania has to offer. We try out their games and slots, looking to see if the level of playability is high and the range is wide. We test the banking options provided and measure the length of time for deposits and withdrawals, for each type of method. If there is a loyalty program, we put it through its paces and see if it’s fit for purpose and adequately rewards users. Customer service options are checked out and surveys of desktop and mobile versions of the site work well and dynamically.Basically a CasinoWatch PA review is one you can trust.
Is Online Casino legal in PA?
Yes. It’s been legal for a few years now, even since it was legalized in the senate. As a result there are a growing number of providers available to you.
How do I know if an online casino in PA is legit?
First off. Any site we review on our site can be considered trustworthy. However beyond this, if you visit a site and you are unsure, then look for the seal of approval provided by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board which is evident at the foot of any reputable site.

Is Gambling Legal for Online Casinos in PA?

This is a question that is often asked and a simple google search reveals it’s a much debated subject. Let us reassure you. Yes, online casinos are legal in Pennsylvania and this is due to the bill we discussed earlier as well as the partnerships formed between online casino brands and physical casinos situated within the state.

There are currently 11 online casinos working out of the state of Pennsylvania, see below.

Legal Online Casinos

  • BetMGM Casino PA
  • PokerStars PA Casino
  • Borgata Casino PA
  • Unibet Casino PA
  • Caesars Casino Pennsylvania
  • DraftKings Casino PA
  • Hollywood Casino PA
  • Fox Bet Casino PA
  • BetRivers Casino PA
  • FanDuel Casino PA
  • Sugarhouse Casino Pennsylvania

And each of these is a legally licensed operator, aligned with their physical offline establishment.

It’s key to remember that when it comes to individuals using online casinos in the state, you don’t personally have to be a registered inhabitant of the state, but you do need to be physically situated in the state to use these services. Do not attempt to circumvent the system by using a VPN as this will not work. As well as this you’ll have to adhere to the regulations of the state with regards to your age.

How to Get Started

PA online casinosSelecting a good online casino isn’t something you should rush into. Many brands attempt to lure you in with offers that appear to be very lucrative. Always doubt what you read and check out the small print. Our brand reviews will give you the information you need and will do so in a digestible way.

As the marketplace for online casinos in PA expands, so will the options available. This can create something of a headache, and that’s all the more reason to use us as a resource to save you both time and possible headaches down the road.

What we look for in a good casino

When it comes to evaluating the quality of a casino we look for a number of factors, much as you would do. However we have the benefit of a wise selection of eyes whose job is to investigate further into what is being offered to potential users. There are three key elements to pay close attention to.

  • How Good is The Bonus Offering?
  • What Are the Payment Options/Methods and How Do They Work?
  • Does The Casino Have a Wide Range of Games and Spins?
  • Does This Casino Offer a Loyalty Program?

We’ll expand on each of these topics later on.

What Are Casino Bonuses and How do they Work?

Casino bonuses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and they all play a different part in your online casino journey. Some of these are crucial to whether you should sign-up with a provider and others will dictate if you stay with that brand for the long-term.

Welcome Bonuses

A welcome bonus, as the name suggests, is the offer that is given for those who sign-up. It’s usually the key thing you look for from an online casino provider. These can be pretty massive, sometimes ranging upwards of $500, but always pay close attention to the rules of these. Some will involve you having to ‘play-through’ before you can claim any winnings. What this means is that in order to use the welcome bonuses you’ll have to use your own initial deposit and ‘play-through’, i.e. use up that before you can access the welcome bonus.

No Deposit Bonus

In many ways this is the nirvana of online casino bonuses. Basically a no deposit bonus works on the basis that you sign-up and before you’ve even used your funds, you get a bonus of some sort. These can be very useful as they’ll aid you as you try out the casino and work out what games attract your attention. Again, read the small print. These bonuses almost always result in winnings that are not instantly available and could actually be paid in the form of tokens on the site itself. Either way, these are very useful ways to try out a provider.

Match Bonus

A match bonus will see the online casino provider ‘matching’ your deposit with the same sum. I.e. if you place $100 and deposit it, then the brand will add another $100. These bonuses can also require a level of ‘play-through’ before you can access any winnings.

Loyalty Bonuses

A good measure of a reputable online casino in PA is if they have a strong loyalty program and especially what bonuses you are given for being a regular depositor. Loyalty bonuses are usually decided on a scale, based on your time on the site, these are in many ways a long version of a welcome bonus in the sense that they are a valuable asset you should make use of.

Online Casinos PA – Games, Spins and Slots

In an online casino you have a huge number of options when it comes to gameplay. These are usually split into the following categories

  • Slots and Spins
  • Table Games

Slots and spins takes up much of the action on any online casino site you visit. It’s very much the bread and butter of the industry, as it is with offline casinos. A good online casino will offer upwards of 500 types of slots and spins, each with their own unique attributes and payouts. Get to know them, work out which work well for you both in terms of enjoyment and reward.

Table games refers to the likes of Poker, Baccarat and Blackjack (among others) and these are offered in a normal set-up or in a live dealer mode, again, try these out and test how they feel. You may be a mean Texas Hold’em player with your friends but playing online, in either normal or ‘live’ mode is a different beast entirely.

Online Casinos PA Payment Method and Options

payment methodWhen it comes to choosing an online casino you want to make sure it offers a good payment method area. This is both in terms of deposits and withdrawals.

Some casinos are progressive in terms of what options they have, with the likes of PayPal and other E-Wallets. Some take standard wire activity. Perhaps one area you’ll need to get used to is the fact that most online casino providers have different options for deposit as they do for withdrawal, so pay close attention to this before signing-up. Again all our brand reviews provide the relevant information as well as the amount of time each takes to clear.

Examples of Payment Methods Offered.

  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • E-Check
  • PayPal
  • PayNearMe
  • Skrill
  • Pay at Physical Casino/Cage

When you sign-up you’ll need various forms of information to help complete the process. Usually this is limited to basic information relating your name, address and banking info but can also include the need for social security numbers and this changes a great deal from site to site.

Customer Service

This is often an area that is wrongly overlooked. It’s important that the online casino provider you sign-up with has a good level of customer support, especially if you are relatively new to the online casino field. Our reviews outline the level of service offered, based on the effectiveness of response and timing. It’s also very important to note the ways you can contact support. A good online casino provider will offer a Live Chat facility, hopefully operating 24/7. Another good sign of a strong customer support network is if they also provide phone and email options.

Online Casinos Vs Offline Physical Casinos

If you have used an offline, bricks and mortar, casino then it’s very likely that you will be attracted to the online version. Indeed, even if you’ve never visited an offline casino you can still very much enjoy what’s on offer. The chief difference between online and offline casino action is that when you are at a physical casino it’s very likely you will have a number of distractions that can negatively affect your gameplay. It could be the ambience of the place, the noise or maybe you are just not that keen on trying to concentrate when other players are around. Online casinos offer you a far more measured approach to gameplay. You get more time to consider what you are going to do next and you can access them 24/7, whenever the mood takes you.

Useful Rules to Successful Online Casino Play

When you first get started at an online casino site it can be fairly daunting. The size and breadth of options can make your head spin. However there are some useful rules to follow that should ensure that you enjoy your experience. 

  1. Play within your means. Don’t spend what you can’t afford to lose
  2. Don’t rush into anything. Take your time
  3. Read the rules of any game, bonus or promotion before taking part
  4. Make sure the payment methods of a site work for you
  5. Regularly check back to a site to see what new games are on offer, spread out the options

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